Ulan Bator, 2013. © Grégory Dziedzic
Grégory Dziedzic,
urban photographer
After 12 years of travel and expatriation, including 10 years in Istanbul, I am back in Toulouse (France), where I work as an urban photography artist. The scope of my artistic and commercial activities encompasses a variety of genres such as street photography, workplace photography, urban fictions or construction photography.

2019: Certification in digital photography delivered by the École nationale supérieure de photographie art school in Arles (France).
2010-2012: A series of photography workshops with Turkish photographers Serra Mübeccel Gültürk, Dora Günel and Merih Akogul (IFSAK, Istanbul).
2008: Master of Arts in Translation (University of the West of England, Bristol).
2000: Master of Arts in Journalism (Ecole de journalisme de Toulouse). 1996: Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science (Institut universitaire de technologies de Toulouse).

Commissioned works and publications
Oxford Business Group (Istanbul). 80 photographs published in each of the 14 issues of The Report I have contributed to as a contract photographer. Tunisia 2016, Gabon 2015, Algeria 2015, Papua New Guinea 2014, Brunei 2014, Mongolia 2014, Indonesia 2014, Tunisia 2013, Ivory Coast 2013, Gabon 2013, Nigeria 2013, Algeria 2013, Algeria 2012 and Morocco 2012.
PPS Publications (Gatwick). Writing and photography for the daily newspaper of the TFWA international duty free and travel retail exhibition in Cannes in 2018 , 2017 et 2015. Photography coverage of the Airport Exchange 2015 trade show in Istanbul. Photo highlights and cover pictures for Airport Business magazine (autumn 2014, autumn 2015).
The Young Shaven (Istanbul-based post-punk band). Single cover photograph for Perv (released in 2017). Concert photographs published in Bir Baba Indie (2017), Daily Sabah (2017) and Artful living (2015).
Negahpub (Tehran-based publisher): Cover picture of the novel  "The Istanbul Girlfriend" (2018). Selamta (Ethiopian Airlines onboard magazine): photograph of the Ivory Coast coastal town Grand Bassam (2014). Okeanews (Athen-based news website) : "Soulèvement turc : des racines du conflit à son essoufflement" (2013). Mashallah News (Beyrouth-based alternative news website): "Istanbul Candids" (2013), "The Anti-Capitalist Iftar" (2013) and "Forbidden words" (2011).
Elazig - 7 international photographers. Ten of my works produced for the Elazig Fotofest 2012 competition have been exhibited in May and April 2019 at the Frederic Blondeel chocolate factory in Brussels.
Forbidden words. A 120 x 40 cm framed photographic collage of political graffiti related to an internet censorship attempt in Turkey in 2011. First presented in the "Egilimler ve Yönelimler" IFSAK exhibition in May 2012, it was purchased in September 2014 by the owner of the Sub Karaköy Hotel in Istanbul and is since then exhibited on the top floor of the hotel.
Beyoglu faces. Street photography project presentation in May 2013 at IFSAK (Istanbul). Elazig Fotofest 2012. In the frame of a photography competition organized by the Elazig tourism board (Turkey), twelve of my works have been selected and exhibited in Turksih cultural centres in Brussels, Lausanne and Vienna. Egilimler ve Yönelimler. A collective exhibition that took place in IFSAK under the patronage of Turkish photographer Serra Mübeccel Gültürk (May 2012).​​​​​​​